About the course

The International Field Course on Physical Volcanology is a full-time field campaign that looks over the different parts of the island including its old shield volcano and the pre- and post-caldera edifices. During six days of field lectures along different geosites and hiking trails, we will observe a vast variety of plutonic, subvolcanic and volcanic materials. The course will train the students in the different methodologies they should know to characterise these outcrops and to collect the field data necessary to interpret the different volcanic processes.

The students will have the opportunity to visit the old and recent parts of an active volcanic island, which will allow them to observe, learn and appreciate the power and role of volcanism in building the planet surfaces and the close relationship that occasionally exists between volcanoes and society. Also, Tenerife holds the Teide National Park, named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2007, which constitutes one of the best natural volcanological schools that may exist. In here, most of volcanic processes and products that should be referred to in a textbook on this discipline can be directly observed and studied.


Teaching staff


Joan Martí Molist

GEO3BCN-CSIC researcher

Olaya Dorado García

PhD student at GEO3BCN-CSIC

Marta López Saavedra

PhD student at GEO3BCN-CSIC