The course is restricted to 25 participants. Preference is provided to those who make a preregistration, and then registration will proceed on a first come basis until completing all available places

Participants’ profile

Preferably master students, doctoral and postdoctoral students, or Geology students in their final year interested in field and physical volcanology. Basic knowledge in field geology and volcanology is advisable. 


  • Good physical condition is recommended, as there will be different hiking routes, but a high level of fitness is not required. All the routes will be held in official hiking trails from low to medium difficulty.
  • Travel, medical and accident insurance.
  • COVID measures: since it is not known what the situation will be at the time of the course, participants should inform themselves about the requirements for travelling to the Canary Islands. If necessary, participants should carry out the necessary tests (PCR, antigen test, vaccines etc.) and always follow the measures established by the Canary Islands’ government.
  • Field equipment: mountain clothing, sun cream, hat or cap, hiking boots (the volcanic terrain is highly abrasive and, therefore, hard soles are recommended), rucksack, water bottle, raincoat, sunglasses, jacket (the weather is usually cold at early morning but warm during the rest of the day).
  • Work material: field notebook and writing materials. It is recommended to bring a compass, magnifying glass, GPS and camera (the last two can be carried on the mobile). Hammer is not necessary as it is not allowed to pick at outcrops or collect samples.
  • Report any medical problems or allergies during the registration (more information will be given during the registration process).

Language of the course

All the lectures and materials will be given in ENGLISH. All teachers and assistants are Spanish native speakers and fluent in English.